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A unique trading bot that enables anyone to competently invest into their tokens of choice, earlier than the competition.

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Unlike most other competitive Telegram Trading Bots, $SWIPE has been specifically developed with accessibility at the forefront of its design.


Simple input a Contract Address and the amount of ETH you wish to spend, and watch as SwipeBOT buys your token faster than the competition.


A variant of the Buy function. It allows you to buy a percentage of a token's supply, allowing for Max Bidding with Ease


Call this function if you wish to sell all the supply you hold from a token. You can also customize this to sell a Percentage of your Holdings


When this function is called, SwipeBOT will invest into your Token of choice as soon as Liquidity is added and Trading is Enabled. Allowing for instant entry.

Swipe Trading Bot


The Balance Function allows for a User to gauge how many Tokens a specific Wallet holds of a specific Token.


This function allows you to create a new wallet directly through SwipeBot, which can then be used to call all other functions


Swipe Contract Sniffer allows Users the ability to detect the safeness of a Contract Address based on various Metrics delivered to you via SwipeBOT


Safe & Secure

At $SWIPE we do not hold any data and cannot access your Wallet. The Private Key is simple required in order for $SWIPE to automatically Sign Transaction Fee’s, significantly increasing the speed at which a User can buy.


Stage 1

  • Roadmap release
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Website V2 Release
  • Swipe Bot V1 Live on both Ethereum/Arbitrum/BSC Features included/to be included are:
  • Buy Function/Sell Function
  • Sell Max/Sell Percentage
  • SwipeBOT Sniper
  • Balance Function
  • SwipeContractSniffer
  • Multi Wallet Sniper
  • Community Giveaways/Contests

Stage 2

  • Tactical Partnerships with Verified Projects with focus on Strategised Marketing Benefits.
  • SwipeBOT V2 Features incrementally implemented. Including but not limited to:
  • Auto-Sell Adjustment Slider (2x,3x,4x,5x…)
  • AI Operated Profit Forecasting
  • Saturation Level Indicator with Ideal Selling Time prediction
  • Volume Position Comparative to Market
  • Ad Space Implementation with revenue generated allocated to SwipeBOT development
  • Coinmarketcap/CoinGeko Listing
  • KYC of team members
  • First YouTube campaign with slick video production
  • SwipeBOT DApp Preview - Beta Testing
  • Marketing Campaign & Influencers Onboarding for Beta release

Stage 3

  • Bot Contract Audit
  • Swipe Bot DApp Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter AMAs on a regular basis
  • Swipe Bot DApp Live
  • DEX Trending
  • Final Sniping feature live



In order for Users to gain FREE access SWIPEBOTV1, they must hold 500 $SWIPE Tokens. If they hold under 500 $SWIPE, there is a 0.5% Transaction Fee. SwipeBOT will be available to non holders every 2 weeks for a 0.5% Transaction fee, so non Holders are able to preview the Bot periodically.

The amount of Tokens required to access SWIPEBOTV1 is modifiable, and will be constantly adjusted depending on Swipe's MarketCap. This is to prevent users from being priced out of SWIPEBOTV1, as our MarketCap grows.


Through $SWIPEs growth, we will be preparing to initiate a plethora of various features that will help users become more profitable through the implementation of AI systems. These Systems will be implemented into SWIPEBOTV2. Many of the AI systems that will be implemented will allow a degree of manual input, if desired, by the user.

For example, our AI systems will offer an investor knowledge on specific metrics that will aid in their investment strategy, If a user wishes to automate the entirety of their investment strategy, SWIPEBOT will take definitive action on all transactions, acting in a way that it deems best. SWIPEBOT will be influenced by the following metrics on the next page.




Total Supply

1,000,000 SWIPE


4% buy/sell towards marketing & development